Day tours in St.Petersburg: City breaks, Walking tours and Museum excursions.

If you are planning a holiday in St. Petersburg our guided day tours and museum excursions in English will certainly be of help. You will learn about this city in a way that will enable you to maximize the time available to you by visiting as many of the attractions this wonderful city has to offer as possible.

Half-day or Full-day City Tour of St. Petersburg

The City tour is a great excursion for those who come to St. Petersburg for a relatively short period.
If you arrive in St. Petersburg by plane and are staying in a hotel, we advise you to book one of our city tours to get a better idea of the city, its history and its modern face. There are whole-day tours or half-day tours during which you will visit a large number of sights, some of which are located far from the city centre and difficult to reach by public transport if you do not have a lot of time. Our city tours take place in a private vehicle with a guide who speaks fluent English and a driver. The guide will accompany you during your discovery of St. Petersburg and the driver will be at your disposal to assist with any requests you might have from taking your picture to changing the route if you wish to see a particular attraction or sights.

Walking  the streets of St. Petersburg

This Excursion is perfect for those wanting to experience the "real" St. Petersburg.
If you want to immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere of the city, enjoy its rhythms and grasp the many facets of its daily life, you can choose one of our walks in the historical centre. During this tour walking the streets of St. Petersburg, you will be able to see the most beautiful buildings and monuments up close, visit the historic galleries of Nevsky Prospect and enjoy the aristocratic atmosphere of the most elegant cafes of the Northern Capital, sipping a coffee overlooking the streets and courtyards hidden from tourists.

Boat tours of the canals of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is known for its magical atmosphere and it is no coincidence that it is often referred to as the Venice of the North. St. Petersburg is famous worldwide for its dense network of rivers and canals and for the incredible number of bridges across them. During one of our boat excursions you will be able to admire the incredible beauty and richness of the many palaces and discover the most hidden and beautiful corners of a city designed and built on water. We challenge you not to get excited when you see the bright colours of the splendid domes of the Orthodox churches reflecting on the waters of the canals.

Excursions to Museums

An excursion to the Hermitage museum is most certainly one of the most popular museum tours. Booking through our travel agency, you will be given a local tour guide who speaks fluent English to lead this interesting and unmissable excursion. In addition to taking care of the tickets and the practicalities of your visit the guide will explain thoroughly the history of the Hermitage museum and its exhibits. Taking this tour will help you save time and effort by avoiding the long queues that form at the museum ticket counter giving you more time to wander through the immense spaces of the Hermitage in search of your favorite masterpiece.

During this excursion you can visit all of the historic buildings that make up the complex of the Hermitage (the Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the New Hermitage and the Old Hermitage) and admire the museum's best exhibits by listening to the detailed explanations that our guides will give in every room.

Excursions to the Palaces of the Tzars

You cannot leave St. Petersburg without visiting at least one of the famous Palaces of the Tsars: The Palace of Petergof, the Catherine Palace in Pushkin and the Pavlovsk Palace of Emperor Paul. All three are situated at a distance of about 30 km from St. Petersburg and are accessible by transport. As they are located outside the historic centre of the city it is an excellent opportunity to discover the city surroundings. Along the route you can admire the typical rural Russian villages with wooden houses with vegetable gardens cultivated by elderly women and surrounded by thick, coniferous linden and birch forests.
Trips to the Russian Tzars’ residences can be made in a day and it is possible to visit at least two of them in one day. On the way from one palace to the other it is worth stopping for lunch in one of the many typical restaurants located in the surrounding towns to taste typical dishes and products of Russian cuisine. Amongst other things the prices here are certainly more affordable than the prices charged in the centre of St. Petersburg.

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Shore excursions for the cruise passengers 

If you're one of those lucky travellers who arrive to St. Petersburg aboard a cruise ship and only have a couple of days to enjoy this wonderful city, HeyRussia have created a series of perfect shore excursions for cruise passengers who want to explore our city.
Given our long experience in organizing guided tours and our appreciation of the fact that the time available to cruise passengers is very limited, we do not advise you to take one of the various tours of the city providing 10 daily visits as they invariably turn into lengthy marches which exhaust the tourists involved.
With us a visit to the Hermitage Museum takes up to 2 hours - just long enough not to tire the visitor but to still see the masterpieces of the museum and galleries that are not to be missed. This is particularly relevant if your trip to St. Petersburg takes place in the summer when the crowds of tourists in the city are immense. Our excursions are built around your needs and aim to help you discover the most beautiful and interesting places of the city without haste and avoiding the most chaotic spots. We will spend more time on external visits to monuments and stop in the most scenic of them for you to enjoy the relaxing and magical atmosphere of St. Petersburg.

To get more information about the free visa tours and disembarkation at the port of St.Petersburg, visit our page dedicated to the cruise passengers.

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